Our Story

The Aerial is a private island located on Buck Island in the British Virgin Island that elevates. Your experience here has been carefully curated to allow you to connect back to nature, find your breakthrough, and stay present.


The purpose of the resort is multi-faceted. It has been strategically designed to be able to host summits as well as gather the greatest minds on the planet around different social issues. In this secluded, focused environment these great minds are able to work together and truly solve these issues at their root.


In addition, the island is a space for retreats, to be able to find center, healing and breakthrough in your personal life. By serving you food that elevates, and creating a space that is breathtaking from every angle, you are able to be present in ways you have never experienced before – leading to downloads for new ideas, connections and breakthroughs in guests' personal lives, their missions and their businesses.


Every aspect of The Aerial is designed to give back – to you, the environment, BVI locals, and the world as a whole. From the local staff, Giving Shop, the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps in the rooms, and the island-sourced foods for meals, every detail of the island has been curated for a greater good.


The Giving Shop is The Aerial’s version of a traditional gift shop, but with more intentionality. All of the profits from the Giving Shop go directly to Aerial Global Community, a non-profit organization elevating people and places. Through your purchase you are supporting one of these three initiatives: Natural Disaster Relief, Ending Human Trafficking, and Micro-Lending and Education for Entrepreneurs in Developing Nations. Learn more about each of those initiatives here.


Every profit from your Giving Shop purchase will directly make a positive impact in the world, while giving you a piece of the island to take back home with you as a constant reminder to be a force for good in everything you do, and Stay Present.

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